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Thread: [4E] Heroes of the Feywild [IC]

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    The Warlock sighs, staring up at the sky. A sunny day, of course. Not a hint of a moonbeam. A terribly inaccurate measure, in any case: how many moonbeams would possibly have the same width, and what instrument would one use to measure them?

    Tajal never was a fan of vague and poorly explained directions. What ever possessed him to follow this lead? Oh, right... it may be that she knows more of the far realm and its denizens, the eladrin reminds himself.

    More people here, too. Don't look like natives to Serestal. Look pretty lost to boot. Or too cheerful.

    Tajal sighs again; more victims of poorly instructed meetings, perhaps? Maybe the Lady Celestria enjoyed calling in multiple people. Never a good sign in a contractor to call in multiple people who've scarce met.

    "I suppose if anything," he mumbles, crumpling up the paper, "I now know how to navigate these streets."

    Although... which way was back, again?
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