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    Default Re: The Dirge Symphonist [3.X Base Class, WIP, PEACH]

    Going to make Concentration checks part of basic dirgecasting instead of specific effects. I'm also going to be giving them cone ranges instead of auras or specific targets - it fits more with the Dirge Symphonist channeling through music.

    Still looking at things for MoDS - Right now I've got it channeled through the Abysmal Servant as a STR 40 colossal effect that can be directly controlled with possession. I've slapped it with an ego score, ongoing ability drain on the Dirge Symphonist, and a few AoE cold and fear effects. I've considered granting it some negative energy abilities, as well as perhaps some trample, knockback, and devour abilities, but I don't want it to feel like a transformation or a summon, so much as, "you are controlling a massive tear in the fabric of reality by burning your soul through your music and bending reality over your knee with the results, and this is awesome."

    I'd also like to include (and am open to suggestions for) a much less severe penalty for just summoning the dead this way, without controlling them, in exchange for some simple and intuitive bonuses to dirgecasting or augmentations - the spirits dance more readily for you, as the heart of your music isn't blunted by the metaphysical distance between realms.

    Adding mentions for AoO's on abilities, adding concentration to initiate possession and noting that if you fail it you get gimped. Also going to have Feedback as part of dirgecasting, where if you're interrupted, a negative effect is applied to you (probably in the form of daze or temporary ability damage.)
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