Candycorn, I think we got a little misunderstanding about your backstory. You can look here for a friend, and you can search for the smithing secrets, but you know noone here who is familiar with these secrets. All you know is that the art of Soulforging had one of its peaks with the clans of Roldilar, the dwarven realm lost over 700 years ago

Embro Ambrath gives a sideways look to the mage, who almost imperceptably shakes his head. Ambrath sighes, and then The Fat Man himself begins to speak in a stilted voice with many short pauses. Pity, I had hoped you'd be more... directly useful to me.
Let me explain then. I have a profound... rivalry with Lord Blacktree, and I had hoped you would give me an advantage. My... informants had learned that dear Frigurd had urgent matters with one of the passengers on your... Arianna, was it? Not knowing which one of you he wants, I... decided to take all five of you and then... sort it out.
But it seems... whatever he wants from you, you don't know about it. Which is... regretable, but at least you have no... loyalties with him.
He has some elusive allies I wish to... learn more about. Today, go out in the city to... lure them out, so my guard can get their hands on one of them, alive. Help me in this... and each of you will be rewarded with 5000 gold on success. I won't tell you what happens if you... refuse. Refusing my... requests is something few people choose to do, especially when the rewards for... compliance are so sweet."