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    Default Re: Madness, Blood and Thunder in Ravens Bluff IC

    Five thousand to wander about for a day? Heh. This guy's as willing to throw money around as I expected. I've no wish to make any unnecessary enemies, but play the scene right and I won't even need to do that. As long as it isn't me Blacktree was looking for, anyway... Aya glances sidelong at the others, trying to judge each one's odds of being the unlucky victim.

    Let's see, he's a military man, wants or wanted the mayoralty. Used to be a bit of a twit, which means he probably rose on effort and proper application. If Vachalan's taught me anything, he'll be after advantage - at least if this matter he wants one of us for is important. Which means, assuming he knows about whoever he's after... four marks for Keeva, two for Magnus, and half a mark each for Mirielle and Jorran, just because you never discount someone outright, leaving... three marks for me. Bother. I'd better start working on exit strategies, just in case.

    With a shrug, she looks back to Ambrath. "Sounds acceptable. I have no objections."
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