As you mill about talking to the others present, a woman suddenly makes her presence known. The Eladrin frequently have a flair for the dramatic, but even by their standards it's disconcerting when she appears in a small burst of cutting, icy wind and swirling snow.

"No, no, I said three moonbeam widths, not two..." She laughs suddenly. "Ahh, forgive me, I always forget that our manner of giving directions makes little sense to outsiders!" She smiles warmly. She's an average height for an Eladrin, with golden hair, tanned skin and violet eyes that mark her as being from among the Summer fey, though the snow falling lightly about her and the chill air that clings to her make it obvious she has some sort of connection to the Winter fey. She's dressed in the flowing, silvery robes of a priestess of Sehanine, and looks about somewhat furtively, then seems satisfied that no one else is in the immediate vicinity.

"You are no doubt wondering why I have called the six of you here." She sighs. "Alas, it is something that can only be attended to by outsiders." She frowns.

"Recently, children have begun to disappear. Only a few so far, but all in more or less the same way. The Council of course has been looking into the matter, but we've been able to find little, and I have noticed something... Rather disturbing. It seems our investigations are being tampered with from within, perhaps by someone within the Council itself. Whomever is behind it certainly seems to know our movements, so they must have some sort of inside source." She frowns.

"That's where the six of you come in. You're strangers with no affiliation with the council. Adventurers are always passing through this city, due to its bridging of the mortal world and the Feywild. I've heard of your past exploits, and believe that the six of you are suited to investigate this. The council never employs outsiders, so it's unlikely you'll be linked to me, and I certainly don't plan to mention hiring you. Hopefully these factors will enable you to find out more than we have." Her face twists into an expression of sadness and the air chills further.

"And if anyone asks why you're investigating missing children... You can simply tell them that one of the parents of the missing children asked you for help. Three nights ago my son vanished. I ask your help not just for the city, but... Also for myself." The snow falling around her worsens and she looks at you hopefully.

"Will you help me? I'll tell you all I can..."