At the other's appearance, the Warlock perks up: he is obviously more at ease now that the unknown employer has arrived, and listens to her (somewhat long) tale in quiet deference. The fact she's heard of his past exploits puts Tajal on guard, but in spite of this she sought him out, so... she cannot have heard anything ill.

All together a good thing, he thinks to himself, because I do not fancy too many explanations.

"I should think myself a terrible person for this," Tajal starts, "but I cannot help but wonder the... unifying thread, if you will. Here we are, people of different walks of life and," he gestures to the racial diversity present, "likely different schools of thought.

"You see in us a group of people who will set about unveiling this mystery, and I see in us a ragtag group of different people, no offence." He falls quiet at this and looks to the lady expectingly.

There is no doubt that he should assist: having someone on the Council owe him would be a great boon if he were to find out the location of that legendary arcanist... navigating the city has been maddening and frustrating enough, and no clues ever left lips without money leaving his pouch.

And Tajal felt money was a great deal scarcer to come by in Serestal, what with the continuous stream of would-be heroes, eager to prove their mettle.