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    Name: Xzikr

    Gender: What's a gender?

    Race: Yzkainl

    Age: Approximately 384 Earth years

    Alignment: Neutral

    Class/Profession: None

    Power Rating: I don't know, maybe C-

    Description:Xzikr is a carbon-based lifeform made up of numerous multicolored tendrils wrapped together into a sphere about six feet in diameter, similar to a ball of yarn. Some of these tendrils can separate themselves from the rest and act as limbs; Xzikr can have up to eight limbs at any given time, though at least three of them need to be legs for Xzikr to be able to move. The interior of Xzikr's body is mostly hollow, so it can store its equipment inside itself.

    Personality: The loss of its homeworld has left Xzikr fighting to survive, and it has quickly learned that most humanoids can't be trusted, though it usually feels comfortable around other amorphous lifeforms. Xzikr believes that its home planet held a great secret that survived the destruction of the rest of the planet and might still be found somewhere on Nexus, though no evidence has yet been found to support this claim. Xzikr might have evidence, but isn't good enough at explaining itself to reveal any such information. Xzikr is highly intelligent and communicates through telepathy.

    Equipment: Xzikr entered Nexus with nothing but a mysterious shard of metal from its homeworld, but after a fight with a soldier who thought it was an evil monster, it acquired a modest amount of cash (around 250 of . . . whatever they use on Nexus), a slightly rusty AK-47, a pouch of water, and some inedible rations.

    Abilities: Other than the traits mentioned in its Description, Xzikr has telekinetic powers that allow it to shape liquids into animate servants that obey its commands. These servants can take any form that Xzikr wishes, but Xzikr can only control around 30 gallons of liquid at any one time (though it will be able to control more as it gains in experience). Any liquid that Xzikr ceases controlling reverts to its original form.

    Backstory: Xzikr's homeworld, Yzk, was destroyed when it entered Nexus, leaving only Xzikr, a few mysterious shards of metal, and perhaps some other things that no one knows about yet. Xzikr was well off on its homeworld and the top student in its class at the Kyzrsli University of Shaping*, but none of that matters now that its world was destroyed.

    *Closest English translation.
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