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    Rumble, Earthsoul Genasi Berserker

    Rumble shakes her head at the news, and the snow which had accumulated on her hood and shoulders slides down her figure in a manner surprisingly akin to an avalanche. "Goodness, m'Lady, I have not had such a chill in many Winters. I know little of the bonds between a mother and her child, but I know well enough the pain of loss."

    "I know not how I will be of service, but I pledge my services to you nonetheless."
    With this, Rumble kneels and holds her hands before her. With a sudden swirl of wind, the snow around her takes to the air, whirling around and between her hands, obscuring them for no more than a blink of an eye. When the flurry fades, where seconds before there was only empty air, Rumble now holds a large, formidable ice pick, which appears to have been itself carved out of ice. She gently places it on the ground and looks up at Celestria for further instructions.
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