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    Default Re: Madness, Blood and Thunder in Ravens Bluff IC

    Mirielle sighs to herself. It's not like I was likely to find Cybrarvain without alerting him anyway. At least the money Ambrath is offering will cover the bribes I'll need to find him. Maybe even...

    She speaks up, trying her best to recall the way she used to wrap merchants around her finger. "I would not dream of refusing such a generous offer, my lord. However, I am a priestess of Kelemvor, and no matter how much I might wish to help you, my duty to the Lord of the Crystal Spire must always come first.

    "The man I seek--an elf named Cybrarvain--is probably doing his best to avoid being found right now, and making myself known to your rivals' allies will almost certainly make it more difficult for me to track him down. A man of your connections surely has agents who know where to start looking for him; perhaps in exchange for my service, you could give me that information and, say, 4500 gold rather than the 5000 you had planned on. Information is free, and I can promise you that Cybrarvain is no one you would miss."

    Diplomacy: (1d20+8)[10]
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