The answer of Magnus visibly displeases Ambrath and he grimaces, a motion that makes his corpulent face jiggle in a quite grotesque way. "You are... new in this city, so let me tell you something about the... privileges of lordship. They give certain... freedoms in your domain. You are in my house... armed, without ever... properly entering the city. I could have you killed and your... remains delivered to the watch, without having to fear any... repercussions. Or just have you... disappear entirely.
I'm not giving you the... choice of complying or dying. I prefer less... crude avenues. But you should consider this option is... open to me.
If you are a man... moved by morals and not coin, consider this. Belanor Fenmarel was the acting mayor during Kane's.... disappearance. He was accused of... treason and died in a celll, before guilt... or innocence could be proven.
I have... reason to believe Blacktree's allies had a hand in this... incident. And I wish this... crime exposed.
If you refuse, you will remain in the... care of my guard for now. Until I know... what Blacktree wants I can't allow you to go... unsupervised."

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