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    Magnus bursts into laughter for a moment, before responding... "Apologies... Apologies, your lordship. You seem to have misjudged me."

    All trace of humor then fades from the face of Magnus. "Don't mistake conviction for morality. I am no more moved by morals, good or ill, than I am coin. One does not forge copper by respecting the feelings of the ore. One does so by taking ore, burning out the impurities, and beating it until it is something useful. So it is with nations, empires, and legacies. They are not forged by hugging kittens. They are created with ambition. With vision. With purpose. There is no lord or lady that has not engaged in shady dealings. That includes Blacktree, and I imagine yourself. Don't pretend that sparing our lives is anything but in your interests. After all, you've invested a good deal in getting us here, and killing us now reveals nothing about Blacktree.

    "I don't seek kindness, from you or anyone. I seek a greater purpose. THAT is the legacy of creation. This Blacktree could have saved destitute widows from the ravagings of pirates, or executed a hundred idealistic fools, and it makes no difference. All that matters is whether he is a man of Vision... And whether you are. I seek Vision, and should I find it, I shall aid its cause. Should I not, then I shall be the change I seek in the realm. Order is either growing or dying, and to grow, it needs to be occasionally fed with the blood of misguided pawns. I seek to help order grow. I would just prefer the role of the misguided be filled by another.

    Blacktree's atrocities don't move me, nor does your gold. I would happily accept either, provided it was paid with purpose. If you wish to move me to your cause, I would know what your Vision is.
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