Temple Chapel

Justin will likely have to choose a knotted or mutli-lash whip in order to get through the thicker fur on Waterstrider's back. For the first half of the lashes, he glares right ahead, keeping himself from flinching. Initially, he believes this is a matter of his pride as a Wolfen. He needed to be strong. For himself, for Brand, and even his torturer. It's only at the 16th lash that he lets out a grunt of pain. It's more of a whimper, but it's enough to finally damage his pride, cracking it. Seeing Brand doing so much to avoid looking at him just makes the feeling all the worse.

Until the 25th lash, he only gives out whimpers and whines, blood staining his fur and dripping to the floor, and the final few lashes finally make him cry out. At Justin's commanding question, Waterstrider slumps in his restraints, head down and muscles slack as he fights the agony. "I...I deserve however many you wish to give...M-Master."