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Thread: [Nexus] Temples of Dalachrech I

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    Hermitage- Stables

    The beetle advises Mr. Squiggles not to leave; they have food, shelter, and are safe here. Outside in the wood, there's no aura to prevent them from attacking and being attacked, and there's stuff out there bigger than Mr. Squiggles, and not all of it is herbivorous. Also, the bee hives are currently hibernating; it's too early for the bees to be flying and pollinating yet.

    Hermitage- Punishment Room

    "You know how to use a lash; I didn't think you did. Well done. Personally, I don't state how many lashes they'll get so they always expect more." Elezibethele stood back and watched all of it, assessing his technique. It's also likely that she's being polite.

    The attention to Waterstrider's punishment does mean she doesn't notice her slave staring at her in the manner that he is. Her blood lust, though, is apparently sated by what she just watched.

    Underside Temple

    In this instance, cannibalism is linked to curtaining so the male ensures the offspring are healthy by supplying his nutrients. However, the form of curtaining which just took place did not involve fertilisation, but the spider part of Charynrae's brain doesn't know that; it just knows that Charynrae just curtained, not that it can't result in offspring.

    Charynrae would not be affected by pesticides as she has a magical ring to protect her from poison. Also, in sufficient quantities a pesticide may result in a human's death, whilst the short generation time in most invertebrates means they tend to quickly evolve a resistance to the pesticide used.

    Also, Charynrae never bothered to learn the man's name, so Three didn't hear his name . "I do you as much honour as I think you deserve, and as my property you can't argue with it." Charynrae smiles, though, widely and happily. I admit that I suspect Three has a catperson in her relatively recent ancestry; perhaps a great-great-great grandparent, as opposed to a parent or a distant thousand-year-gone ancestor.
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