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Thread: [Nexus] Temples of Dalachrech I

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    [Underside Temple]

    Yep! I am well aware of that fact, given that my recent absence was caused, in part, by a lengthy research paper I constructed on insecticides that was, happily enough, inspired by yourself.

    DDT was a notorious mammal killer. More noteworthy than any other pesticide, in my book, because it was the first one to be commercialized or produced. It set the bar.

    I will say that the application method and range of a spraying usually is indicative of insect recovery time, as one of the reasons why pest populations boom back after a treatment is because of neighboring colonies that survived entirely untouched by the insecticides.

    All in all, predators make better control caps. It is a pity that most pesticides decimate their populations as well, if not directly than indirectly by massacring their food sources.

    Name. Title. 'Tis all the same to me.

    "You are correct, as alwaysss, Reverend Missstressss. Might I have finagle my way into obtaining the permissssion to call you by your real name in private? It isss a beautiful word."

    Let's hope that Charynrae's rational brain segment stays in control, then!

    And for a time, OoC, I'll leave Three's heritage alone and unexplained until it is brought up IC, if that ever occurs.

    I'll only say that she was born in the year of the tiger. Do factor the fact that she was allegedly discovered alone in the woods and taken into captivity therein. At that point she was already fluent in Common, to some extent, though it is not her native tongue. She couldn't have lived a life of isolation from birth to adulthood. It wouldn't be feasible and it wouldn't explain her sibilant accent.

    Odd that she would be living all alone in relative seclusion, given that she favors the company of other sapient beings so much.

    [Hermitage of Dalachrech]

    Ouch! Mine is surprised that the wolfen hasn't crumbled into a trembling mass of flesh after that treatment. It was obviously intensely deleterious to his health, but he isn't very vocal about it. He didn't cry or scream much. That would have displeased Elezibethele, he reasons. It is a good thing this slave isn't one of her belongings, then!

    Mine doesn't pay attention to Brand. He'll sit in his spot soberly, taking no joy in the punishment and possibly refusing to acknowledge Justin's diminishing humanity. He won't glare though. He was still hurting from last time.

    Justin is an enemy of his. That much is clear to him. He is a rival vying for Elezibethele's affections. He won't have them because he is a lowly human, but Mine doesn't want another slave he might deliver upstaging him and becoming Elezibethele's new favorite!

    No! No, no, no, no, no!
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