The Nadakai Duo

Sapphire Nadakai

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 29
Profession: Supernatural Sensei Ninja
Alignment: True Chaotic (he is so chaotic he can veer from Good to Neutral in an instant)
Personality: scatterbrained, chaotic, childlike, battle-ready, ADD weirdo who is hypnotized by shiny things, as well as being foolish and easily distracted, but well-meaning at the end of the day.
Power Rating: 6 or B+
He wears mostly normal ninja garb. However he wears Kakash-style mask and headband instead of the normal ninja mask, both his eyes and his Kakashi-style hair are blue. He wields a strange metallic scythe on his back with blue runes on it. He is very tall, being at six and half feet.


Super Ninja Athletics.

Space Ninja Magic Techniques:

Space Flash Step:
can teleport short distances, no farther than 30 ft per Flash step

Walking On All Paths Method:
Can walk on water, walls, ceiling, any surface imaginable- even clouds and thin air

Snake Eye Portal Technique:
can make up to two small portals in the air, too small to allow people through, but just big enough to redirect projectile attacks back at the foe, throw shurikens so that they strike at enemies from an odd angle or make punches as ranged attacks through them.

Space Path Cutting Style:
Uses his scythe to slash a long range portal in the air, which he then jumps through and lands on the other side. He uses this when Space Flash Step won't cut it. It eats up more energy however.

World Displacement Embrace:
Making a strange kata that ends with him extending his arms as if to embrace the world, he creates and expands a magical zone originating from himself up to forty feet away. Everyone in this zone along with himself are transported to another place of his choosing as long as the zone is maintained by his will.
Everyone in the WDE zone is imprisoned within said zone- even though they are in a different place, they cannot step outside its boundaries to escape into the rest of the place they transported to- they instead find themselves stepping back into the 40 foot zone as they step out.
This technique effectively allows him to choose the battle field and to keep his enemy from running away. However it is one of the higher level techniques and takes a lot of energy. As soon as he runs out of energy, gets knocked out/killed or someone with a more powerful will breaks the magic with some disenchantment, the WDE zone disappears and everyone finds themselves back to where they were originally.

In All Places At Once Kata:
Doing a strange dancelike kata routine, Sapphire starts dividing, the kata seeming to be mirrored by his "copies" until there are at most twelve Sapphire's in all, representing all twelve animals of the chinese zodiac. While this seems to be some multi-man or cloning magic, Sapphire is in fact at most twelve places at once, with his mind divided at most twelve ways. When he fights while being in multiple places at once, he seems to be able to
somehow coordinate both fights so that a single attack can deal damage to two completely different opponents.
However the more places he is in at once makes this more complicated, until
it gets hard for him to keep up with twelve different things to do at the same time. This is his ultimate technique and takes up the most energy.

The Starslasher Scythe: a magical scythe made out of a metal forged from a meteor. It is bonded with Sapphire Has the following magical proporties:
-Can be telekinetically controlled by Sapphire.
-Can always be summoned back to Sapphire's hand through the bond.
-Can be slashed so that it sends out starry slicing shockwaves at people named "Starslash Shockwave Attack"

Standard Ninja Gear

Venaryla "Venny" Nadakai

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 17
Profession: Supernatural Apprentice Ninja
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: skeptical, sane, a little cynical, sarcastic, bitter that she has such a strange and foolish mentor, mature beyond her years and utterly logical, but again she means well.
Power Rating: 4 or C+
Description: Brown hair with pigtails, purple eyes, She is short, being five feet tall at most, she wears a black veil over the lower half of her face and black ninja clothing.

Teenage Ninja Athletics (not as inhumanly powerful as Sapphire yet)

Space Flash Step

Cracks as Archways Method: Can bend space to slip through the slightest cracks and slits. She can also apply this to her weapons to easily slip through weakpoints in armor.

Walking On All Paths Method (Incomplete): She has not mastered it to the extent Sapphire has yet, only able to do walls, cliffs and ceilings, and other solid things.

Distance As Delusion Style: Can bend space so that things are closer or farther than they appear. For example, she can bend space so that her thrown shuriken travels a shorter distance at the same speed…but the enemy thinks that its the normal distance until it embeds itself into their skin faster than he expected.
At the same time, she can also bend space to be farther or be to the right or the left of the enemy's strike when they attack, the enemy being confused as to why his spot on attack seemed to miss, even though she didn't move an inch.
She also uses this technique to get stuff at the top of bookshelves because of her height. Sapphire often teases her that it was the original reason she made him teach it to her.

Two Daggers
Standard Ninja Gear


Sapphire Nadakai was once a street kid who got teased for being a kid with blue eyes and hair. All the other kids were gang bullies of course. So he decided to defeat them street brawler style and succeeded, gradually he challenged gangs all across the city when he was young, until he was beating up adults with his street brawling.
He was only ten when he challenged the Nadakai ninja clan. They made him an offer: if he could defeat their weakest ninja, he could join the clan and learn their secrets, if he didn't, he would have to give up fighting forever.
So he took them up on it, and he soon found that it was harder than it looked to defeat a Nadakai ninja: this weakest ninja could Space Flash Step like no other, and abused it to a great extent, this simple technique alone was enough to make Sapphire an underdog, almost brought him to the edge of defeat.
however figured out the timing of the Step, tripped the Nadakai as he completed the Step, and pinned him while he was still confused, thus winning.
Thus Nadakai learned the secrets of the Clan, becoming Sapphire Nadakai.
However it soon became clear he was a loose cannon, still a street boy at heart. He used his techniques in ways no one else would consider, and often in ways that went against tradition, putting him in bad standing with the clan with the chaos he caused.
But then one day, he accidentally fell off a cliff and landed upon spy that was spying upon the Nadakai clan, capturing him. The Nadakai clan, caught in a strange position of having to reward their loose cannon member, sneakily promoted him to status of a Sensei-Ninja and gave him Venaryla- whom he soon nicknamed Venny- as his apprentice to teach him some responsibility, then sent them both off on a permanent Training Journey, hoping that they would never see them ever again.
Meanwhile Sapphire and Venny have argued ever since the "Training Journey" started but keep together despite the crazy situations they get into and grudgingly get along with each other as master and student.