Celestria relaxes slightly in relief, the snowstorm abating somewhat. A smile returns to her face.

"I am glad that you're all willing to help. And yes, of course you'll be compensated for your time and effort. And perhaps you're an odd lot, but then I am highly abnormal myself." She gestures to the golden hair that contrasts so oddly with the snow falling about herself. "Not always a bad trait, abnormality..." She crosses to the fountain and sits on its edge. "For example, you'd think a fountain near a marketplace would be a bad place to meet in secret, but this fountain was created long ago by the Prince of Frost, before he became quite as... Unfriendly... as he is today. A thing of great beauty, but because so many have come to fear the winter, this place is shunned. Few ever come here." She sighs wistfully. "Caelin loved this place..." A tear falls down her cheek, freezing on the way, before shattering on the pavement. She looks up at you suddenly.

"It's always at night. Usually outside, but a couple have been inside as well. One moment they're there, and the next..." She pales. "I only looked away for a moment, and he was gone... Obviously some kind of teleportation magic is in use." She sighs. "For what it's worth, all the missing children so far have been Eladrin. No particular season, so it doesn't seem to be motivated by those particular rivalries among the fey. All fairly young." She sighs.

"We've found very few leads, and what we have found has been stymied by the interference I suspect from within. Some on the council have suspected the Drow; while they're tolerated here to an extent, and most who live here are of a kindly nature, there are certainly some near here who are quite the opposite of that. They don't usually teleport, though. There's been a higher than normal amount of criminal activity, but we haven't been able to tell if it's coincidental or part of this. Mostly an increased trade in cold iron and items made out of it. Such things are obviously not well-loved among the fey, and mostly sold on the black market here. Someone's been tipping off the criminals, though, and they've evaded our attempts at raids. Still, I can tell you where we last knew them to be operating." She frowns. "There's also been an increase in activity among the Formorians and Goblin tribes, but that seems to be less related. And it may be something else entirely, for all we know. I'm afraid it's not much to go on. That's why I need help. The Council has managed to accomplish nothing, and if we truly are compromised..."

"I'm sure you still have many questions for me. Please, anything you need to know, ask it and I'll do my best to answer."