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    Name: Luka Stormshield, or just known as Luka

    Gender: male, but since he's all covered in armor, some people do guesses

    Human, and LOVES IT

    Age: 14

    Neutral Good
    He's has some mercy towards low ranking mooks, specially the helpless and unarmed ones, but if you're a high ranking one you better give him a reason.

    Class: He's a Crusader with some mix of a Paladin taken out of Lineage 2, that means he has Shield stun, protection Skills and healing, but he's got Scratch damage. For short, a Tank. Also got a Shieldmaster Prestige Class for getting his shield potential to the max

    Power Rating: Unarmed: D
    Armed with any weapon: D+
    Armed with Both his shield and Sword: C+
    Can actively protect against B- quite well, has to fall back against B

    He's rarely seen in person above all the armor he wears, but he may occationally put his helmet off and show that he's REALLY 14 years old, though tall and hair a bit long, all the armor protected him from getting scars or any other mark from fighting.
    However, the most notable thing is his scarf.


    Luka's a pretty nice guy normally, being friendly and calm to people around and trying to help them; but He LOVES fighting, when he's in one he explodes in hot-bloodeness and ocassionally yells (he does to a lesser extend when not in one too).

    For short: He's a Medieval human Version of Fallout 3's Fawkes

    He believes that the greater good is ultimately more important than Law or chaos, that they may sometimes help, and sometimes be an enemy, so he tries keeping a balance of both, earning him his alignment.

    Equipment: He wears all the time a highly enchanted 24-hour Mithral Full plate of Speed that protects him well enough and doesn't turn him into a Statue, Helping him Charge towards friends in need.

    His main Weapons are his Longsword and his Tower Shield:
    -The Longsword is actually enchanted for holy and electric damage, the latter one since he thinks lightnings are cool.
    -The Shield is his main stuff, he bashes people around with it and it's able to spend a hoard of mana on it so it can reflect spells, but it usually drains him out of it.

    Values Skill over Strength when attacking, often doing spins and jumps with his sword and shield to make use of gravity and weight for hitting. When defending, prefers both Armor and Agility, but more armor.

    His Paladin 2nd-Class gives him mana based skills, though he regenerate it slow and doesn't have much of it, So he doesn't use it that much since he's generally drained out, thee are some exceptions like needing to take something down for real.It also Gives him the ability to taunt enemies out of his friends, it works most of the time since it uses mana too for more effectiveness. And His Shieldmaster Prestige Class gives him the main abilities for his shield, being and expert on dazing enemies with a smack to the face and Splating them against a wall, aside from some resistance against magic and Spell Reflection that uses almost all his mana.

    He's basically a tank, he barely does damage and has to get help from some ranged weapons or anything to get people far away.
    Got some low air-magic ability, but as of now he's only able to cast Wind Strikes.
    In D&D terms, his stats would be STR 13, DEX 15, CON 20, Int 10, Cha 18,Wis 10


    Whe he was a kid he lived in a tiny village with his parents, living out of farming and constantly protected by patrols of soldiers of the nearby town "Silverlook", his sister, Aisis, was a Paladin so he didn't see her that much, but got familiar with the soldiers that passed by just beause of that.

    The moment that decided he was going to turn into a Crusader was when he was 7, in a huge battle that ensued in the village, when a huge patrol fought a huge bandit party. Luka was away from his parent, his parents were cornered by a bandit, he had an adrenaline rush, grabbed the nearest cutting thing he found and stabbed through the bandit, tehn passed out. A knight witnessed the moment so the next day he offered on turning him into a Squire.

    His "Squirehood" lasted for 7 years and his training was at first scary for him, then he got older and started enjoying it to the max. He got armed as a Crusader when he turned 14, he was going to be sent outside as a "knight errant" to get harmful stuff outside the territory, and as just he got outside he stumbled into the Nexus.

    His training as a squire wasn't the standard one, he was noticeably trained harder than everyone else, and those knights are known around for being one-man armies, but since he's just been armed and has never fought outside of training, he's a "Newb"

    His Paladin skills come from hybrid training as a crusader, while his air magic comes from both sorcerer-like ability and random study in the village
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