Hermitage- Stables

The snow spider and the beetle won't stop Mr. Squiggles from leaving. Outside the stable is a continuation of the clearing, though it doesn't have the trapdoor spiders that surround the rest of the Hermitage. Beyond that is the thick pine forest that surrounds the Hermitage.

Hermitage- Punishment Room

"We have two types of healing potion available- one that works as usual, and one that doesn't inform the nerves that it's healing the wound. I prefer the latter; the slave can work without harm, but it still hurts them." Elezibethele holds two healing potions up. "Don't worry about that; we have our own slaves here to cook and clean. I'll tell the guards to assemble them for a meal."

Underside Temple

Didn't DDT also cause the eggshells of predatory birds to thicken, or am I confusing it with a different chemical used on rabbits?

And etymogically speaking, 'decimate' is the wrong word to use; strictly speaking, it means to 'remove one in ten'. After a pesticide, there's less than one left for every ten insects before the application.

"Of course, Three. Although I need to rename you, now; you're not my third slave, after all. You're my first slave, but calling you One would get confusing, wouldn't it? So what's your name, Three?" Charynrae smiles. At this point, Three could say any word at all and Charynrae would accept it; she's letting Three name herself.

I'm glad to be an inspiration. Also, I know of two other forms of cannibalism regularly performed by a small segment of the animal kingdom.