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That's why I suggested it, I've seen lots of webcomic artists say "yeah I'm going to put this out daily" and even manage for a while before folding under the pressure they put on themselves. Moreover it helps get the audience into a pattern of reading on a certain day, making it easier to build readership. If Gajin Manga didn't go "under" as it were, I would have made a similar suggestion to you a little while back. The only reason I waited till now was because it's just a good idea when putting up fiction in this format to have a decent amount of material to start with.
Oh, I don't like doing personal projects to a schedule. I find that I'm usually pretty good at keeping myself motivated. Schedules that are too strict usually end up making me rush things and I really hate that - comics are built from the ground-up, after all, and the beginning is the second-most important part for attracting new readers, since that's what they'll be looking at once they hit that 'First' button.

I do intend on doing something like 2 pages a week or similar. Nothing too rigid, but something that the readers can expect. I personally think one of the reasons OotS is such high-quality is because Rich doesn't really adhere to a strict schedule.

Hmmm... the majority of my readership seems to be on this forum, although there are some commenters on the Drunkduck site that seem to like Thaumaturge. I've been featured already! Wonder how I should continue building readership...