Celestria nods, interrupting.

"Pursuing the criminals behind that activity was the council's main plan as well. I do not know if that bodes good or ill for it, but." She sighs, a bemused expression on her face as she looks at Rumble.

"Caelin wasn't 'bad' at it, no. I realize non-Eladrin aren't familiar with it. But it's not something we generally need to learn, really. It's just... Part of us. We can do it from our earliest childhood without thinking. I've heard occasionally of those with blood from other races who can't do it innately and had to learn, or never managed at all, but Caelin and all the other missing children are pure-blooded Eladrin." She sighs. "Further, it wouldn't be possible to be trapped on the other side here. Serestal lies fully in both worlds, the veil between the Feywild and Mortal world is so thin here as to basically not exist. Both sides can be seen, so even if he'd transitioned to the material plane I still would have been able to see him, it only really matters what plane you're in when you leave, and even then it's simplicity itself to make the change in the city. And I've noticed no interference in my own teleporting, no..." She looks at Tajal.

"There are similarities, yes. They've all been about the same age, twelve. All at night, as I've said, and all of the parents reported that they had simply looked away for a moment." She frowns. "I suppose it's possible that they're using a silence or invisibility spell, but more likely that yes, they are teleporting in, grabbing the children, and teleporting out, escaping before they can make noise. Some Eladrin are so adept at teleporting they can take others with them, and while we can only do it every few minutes innately, an invisible one could hide, or have learned magical methods of doing it, true." She taps her fingers on her cheek in thought. "That's why we were looking at the criminal activity, actually. Cold iron can keep Eladrin from teleporting suitably applied, otherwise the children could have just teleported away from their captors." She stops suddenly.

"Oh. Oh. I just thought of something." She rifles through her robes and comes up with a list. "These are the names of the missing children and their parents." She hands it to Baruk, who's closest. "It's... All the children missing come from parents of mismatched seasons, and in one case a mismatched race. Caelin's father was a Winter Eladrin. I may be a Ghaele of Winter, but I'm of Summer descent. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but... Well, it wouldn't be the first time someone's objected to 'impurity' in Eladrin bloodlines. Or perhaps they like that in them. I can't say." She waits while you look at the list. "Is there anything else I can help with?"

The list:

Erelia Taelis - 12 Parents: Cernial and Termien Location: Lower Ward.
Tareth Nethal - 12 Parents: Maerthil and Vaelith Location: Upper Ward
Thraelin Nelarin - 13 Parents: Saresha and Eneril Location: Temple Ward
Veldrin Vareth - 12 Parents: Rynthel and Aledria Location: Western Ward
Celenden Theleril - 12 Parents: Celendrien and Saerthen Location: Upper Ward
Caelin Velthrin - 12 Parents: Celestria and - Location: Temple Ward