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Andraia, I don't mean to be rude (so don't take this the wrong way) but why are you typing so small? It is the equivalent of mumbling or whispering on the net.
I'm hard to offend; I don't take it personally xD . Explanation under spoiler tag.
I spend most of my time online on a site called Gaia where the default font size drives me nuts. It feels like reading a children's novel. I've posted on that site in size 10 font -- smaller than default but not actually "small" -- for five or six years now. So I'll say habit.

The small size on this site, in my opinion, is too small. The full size here is actually okay, but now I'm so used to throwing size tags around my posts. (What I need here is a 1.5 xD .) I'm relatively new to this site, so I haven't settled on anything yet. Check my post history, you will see I go back and forth.

No one has ever accused me of mumbling before xD . On every site I have ever been on, font size and color are just considered stylistic, except when used to extremes or for emphasis. So in a post this size this would be mumbling.

Back on topic.

Greedo. YES. I love how the DM just gives up trying to remind them that Greedo Was the name of the kid Anikin killed xD .