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Greedo scene will be hilarious. Apart from that, I realy wish to know, how went the campaign GMed by Jim.
Im sure it was something like a tomb of horrors with an insistence on creating backstories for every character you create that dies 5 rounds later. In other words, he made people come up with complicated characters, then proceeded to 'rocks fall" them at every opportunity, because death rp is his newest skill and he is enjoying the hell out of it.

Its like, when you learn to do a single part of something more complicated, like say, the first time you learn how to create a avatar for your message board account. Suddenly you find yourself cycling through a dozen of them a week because its your newest toy and you want to play with it! Jim had this amazing death scene with annie, and now its "it was great once, ill keep doing it over and over now!" Instead of branching out and learning more about how to rp in other scenarios, he is sticking with what worked. But I bet he is annoying the crap out of everyone else since he keeps killing himself off and having to reroll a new character. And the campaigns he runs are probably nightmares of death and pain. Like when Pete ran that factory dungeon in the second movie, only without the "obvious plan" that had 50 steps to work with.