[Hermitage of Dalachrech]

Mine doesn't have much to contribute to this conversation. This is primarily due to his current lack of tongue as well as his orders not to engage the visitors in any form of verbal or nonverbal communication.

He has withdrawn mentally from the ongoing scene, pushing it out of his mind with near religious fervor.

Though Mine does appear somewhat distant and apathetic now, it is evident that this is a forced expression.

[Underside Temple]

Quite the opposite, actually, if my recollection processes aren't flawed. DDT has an adverse effect on bird eggs in that it thins the eggshell, sometimes causing a clutch of eggs to burst as they are incubated by their nesting mothers.

Terrible stuff, that DDT is.

And decimate is just a nice word to use. Annihilate would misrepresent the situation just as much.


Three stutters as her courage falters. This is her name. What Charynrae will identify her with for the remainder of her mortal life.

Should she choose to be known by her real name or her human name? The second is the optimal option. Three doubts that Charynrae would have an easy time of pronouncing the first. Three's vocal compartments, parents, and adopted parents are strange examples of life. They all are outliers through and through.

"My name isss Sssylvia."

"Isss that desssignation accceptable to you, Charynrae?"

How Three Sylvia does cherish the honor of being able to say Charynrae's name.