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    Quote Originally Posted by Owrtho View Post

    Well, first thing I noticed, on spellcraft you seem put the ranks in parentheses, while not doing so for the other skills.

    Skills seem fine, they match the theme of the class.

    The spellcasting progression makes me a bit wary, but seeing as you need levels in a different class from the one being advanced (even if it is a class with minor progression of its own), it may be fine.
    Yeah, I can see it as a bit worrisome. I was thinking of having them lose a casting level at 1. Maybe I should do that.

    Nice and flavourful. However, it seems you are missing the word 'that' in the second sentence.[/quote[

    Thanks, and fixed.

    This line doesn't quite make sense. Might want to clarify it.
    Er, yeah. As written it doesn't make sense. I'm going to replace it just with continuing a Dance requires a standard action.

    Don't see any real problem with the non-standard DC.
    Good. Mechanically, this was one of my biggest worries.

    I'd suggest stating this can't exceed your total level.

    I might suggest making the bonus require 5 ranks in Perform (Dance) so as to better match with other skill synergies.
    Both good ideas. Done and done.

    A fun ability, if not one likely to be used often. Might be worth expanding it in some way to be usable with willing non-dancers.
    Good idea. Done. I've made it take slightly more resources to do that form to make up for the fact that one of them isn't a Dancer.

    Anyway, a few typos. The first sentence above should either start with 'they' or have an 's' on the end of dance. The second I'd recommend changing 'dances' to participant.
    Yep. Done.

    Sense the Opening Door is an interesting ability. Given the flavour of it, it may also be fitting to at some point grant an ability to easily identify creatures as living, non-living, dead, or undead.

    I'd suggest altering the wording to be since the start of your most recent turn, rather than during rounds. Mainly as it currently does not grant the bonus at the start of rounds before your turn arrives in initiative order if you started or continued a dance the previous round.
    Good call. Done.

    I might suggest altering this to letting them recognize undead while dancing. As it is, most undead are unlikely to dance. Perhaps alter it to granting the effects of the deathwatch spell while dancing.
    Hmm, I'm not sure. A lot of that is already added in by the modified form of Sense the Opening Door. Also, I like the idea of some vampire giving themselves away when they go out to the Dance floor. But overall, it doesn't seems like a decent idea, so done.

    On Age Draining Waltz, I'm not sure the use limit on specific creatures is needed, given the time required to pull it off. Then again, I may be slightly biased with regard to that, as the limit prevents the interesting idea of a Dancer dancing with someone as they gradually get younger, while the other person gradually gets older, until the ageing person eventually dies.
    Hmm, that is an interesting idea. Modifying that Dance accordingly.

    Only skimmed the rest of the dances, though I'l try to look them over in more detail later today. That said, it might be worth adding a feat that allows you to learn additional dances you qualify for, possibly with the prerequisite of already knowing 9 dances, or noting dances learned by the feat don't count for learning other dances. This was a Dancer may continue advancing their dances after reaching level 10.
    Very good idea. Done.

    Edit: Ok. Now looking over the EACHing for the specific other Dances.

    This sentence seems to need slight rewording. Most likely able to be accomplished by removing the word 'effect'.

    Given the next sentence states the spell must be of a lower level than the one countered, you could remove the part mentioning it specifically with regaining a spontaneous spell slot.
    Fixed the various extra enters. I think those slipped in because I was writing this in Notepad before moving it over here. Much thanks for the other points which I've now fixed.
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