Hermitage- Stables

The stable is built into the Hermitage's basement, accessed through a large, open arch in the side of the fortress. There's no way into the Hermitage from the stables, though, so Mr. Squiggles will have to go around to the front door. Which is currently closed and barred, plus the stable is the only part of the Hermitage which is not surrounded by giant trapdoor spiders. So Mr. Squiggles can enter and leave the stables easily, but getting into the Hermitage is much harder.

Hermitage- Punishment Room

"If a bodyguard is not acclimatised to pain, they are useless. A bodyguard cannot expect to feel no pain protecting his master." Regardless, Elezibethele hands over the unaltered healing potion. "Sure, your slave can help cook the meal and deliver it. If you are afraid about poisoning, don't worry; I can have one of my slaves eat some of it first if you want. I'll call one of the guards to escort your halfling to the kitchen." Elezibethele's hand absent-mindedly seeks out Mine's head and begins to gently stroke it.

Underside Temple

"Sylvia. Yes, I like that name. Very much, in fact." Charynrae doesn't seem to notice the hesitation. Charynrae also seems to enjoy saying Sylvia too.