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Thread: [Nexus] Temples of Dalachrech I

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    [Hermitage of Dalachrech - Torture Chamber]

    Mine receives pets! He's receptive enough to them. He won't purr like Sylvia would, though. He's not weird like that.

    He has to seek out and take pleasure in the small comforts of life. That's all he has really ever had.

    [Hermitage of Dalachrech - Kitchen]

    I'm guessing that the 4 male largely human slaves of the Hermitage are being assembled here for kitchen duty?

    [Temple of Dalachrech]

    Charynrae and Sylvia. They are wonderful names for elaborate characters.

    "Ssso, what are your new commandsss, Charynrae? Am I to perform the sssame dutiesss as before or are there better ways in which I may ssserve you?"

    Sylvia enthusiastically asks.

    Edit: Doh! *Facepalms!* There are 4 male slaves, not eight! I was thinking of all of the slaves added together without including the deadtimed Eericka!

    Here's a checklist for easy reference!
    3 Human Males
    1 Lizardperson Male
    (3) Azurelle's Triplets (1 is currently out and the other 2 are locked up in a nearly secret cell)

    And there's Mine too.

    I'm not sure whether or not Eericka is here, honestly. I'm debating it at the moment. I want to play her again, but I'm not giving up on my hope that Murkus shall eventually return yet!
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