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    Default Re: Madness, Blood and Thunder in Ravens Bluff IC

    I'm assuming now you go along with the plans of Ambrath for now. With the Prologue concluded, let me be clear you are free to act as you think prudent. Work for Ambrath, betray him to Blacktree, or just make a run for it and try to stay out of their squabbe, or whatever else you think of

    Appearantly the surprisingly strong and sudden storm kept the ships of the upper Dragon Reach still weary even hours after it passed, because even though you're new in the city you know there would normally be a lot more activity this close to the harbor. Beregor said he'd 'keep an eye on you' and signal Ambrath's household guard who are keeping a certain distance to you. All you'd have to do, it was assured to you, was keeping Lord Blacktree's allies occupied for some time and if necessary help with the capture.
    You are walking a wide street, two- or three-floor buildings on both sides. The ground floor is always made of stone, though the top one is wood as often as not. Observant eyes might notice the often apparent age difference in lower and upper floors; Ravens Bluff is prospering and with no room to expand sideways inside the walls, the industrious folk instead build upward.
    After a while, you see a man coming your way obviously reacting to spotting you. Judging from his fiery robes, he must be an arkanist of sorts and his eyes and facial features betray a hint of draconic blood. He stands still in the middle of the road some fifty feet away, adressing you. "Hello there, I'm here to deliver a message. Jorran Tolm, you are asked to follow me, for the conversation with an acquaintance in Luskan wasn't finished. There are still answers to give from both sides." From the way he talks he seems slightly unsure of himself, though not necessarily nervous; it just looks like he has no idea who you are or what exactly the message is supposed to mean.
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