Hermitage- Punishment Room

"I serve the Lord of Invertebrates. His creatures regularly use poisons and venoms both as a defence and as a means of killing their prey. The ettercap scout that brought you here, the aranea guards and Azurelle's snow spiders are all venomous. I use a giant bombardier beetle as transport most of the time; that sprays acid rather than use poison. Besides, you have no idea who I am; for all you know, I have been employed by one of your enemies and I'm not really a priestess, merely a well-disguised assassin." Elezibethele is more of an unholy woman than a holy woman anyway. Elezibethele also calls for an aranea guard to lead Brand to the kitchen.

Also, Elezibethele lies- her usual mount was loot from a random encounter. It involved an owl going to the toilet down her cleavage.

Hermitage- Kitchen

The aranea (who is currently wearing his human form, and appears to be a perfectly normal and plain-looking man wearing chainmail and armed with a spear and shield) will lead Brand through corridors and up stairs to a kitchen located above the chapel. The eight slaves should be here; seven humans and a scaled reptile-man.

Underside Temple

"I will no longer order you to do anything, but I would prefer it if you did what I asked you to do. Beyond that, you have no duties, save be available for whenever I need you. But first, I need to change your branding scars. I'll cut them off with a dagger and replace them with my personal mark. Would you like to be awake for the procedure, or should I use Dalachrech's blessing to put you asleep first?" Charynrae doesn't actually know if magical sleep is an effective anaesthetic, so there's no guarantee it will work.