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Hermitage- Punishment Room

"I serve the Lord of Invertebrates. His creatures regularly use poisons and venoms both as a defence and as a means of killing their prey. The ettercap scout that brought you here, the aranea guards and Azurelle's snow spiders are all venomous. I use a giant bombardier beetle as transport most of the time; that sprays acid rather than use poison. Besides, you have no idea who I am; for all you know, I have been employed by one of your enemies and I'm not really a priestess, merely a well-disguised assassin." Elezibethele is more of an unholy woman than a holy woman anyway. Elezibethele also calls for an aranea guard to lead Brand to the kitchen.

Also, Elezibethele lies- her usual mount was loot from a random encounter. It involved an owl going to the toilet down her cleavage.
Hermitage Punishment Room

"Please, my lady, I hope you do not think me fool enough to believe no one in the world wishes me ill, but I find it unlikely you would be an assasain." He'll return the whip to it's place on the wall before elaborating. "Were you an assasain, then you would have already lost your best opportunity to kill me. The dog was down, the halfling is no use in a fight. Now he's back on his feet." He puts on a grimacing face. "But nasty hypotheticals are of no use to either of us, my lady. May we away to someplace we may discuss the contracts I will bring to my father."