Um, hello, I'd like a ponytar that's something like this:

Using this pony code as a base in the full pony creator:

2S2P000000853A935409480020100BB96UN1837400000000A1 FF75FEFF7FFF02107F3FCC004CB2

Gender Female
Type: Earth pony
Coat color: dark purple
Mane: pink, see style from pony code, but it's about shoulder length (if it were on a human and has a part in the middle of the bangs that shows some forhead,
Eye color: Now here's where it gets difficult, make the eyes as much like this as you can while still maintaining pony cuteness
Cutie mark: This symbol on the "coin" here
Pose normal standing, side view facing toward left of screen, or slightly flying in kind of superman pose, whichever is easier
Expressions: smile, no teeth showing
Accessories or costumes Golden tiara and horseshoes, translucent tentacles from this coming from the back, if her hair needs to be shortened to make this work, that's fine

It's a bit specific, but I'm pretty much good with anything that comes close and mainly gets cute purple alien squid tentacle pony with pink hair