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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
    I'm not sure that is necessarily valuable info, as it is so tentative. "3-4 years" seems like a guess more than a scheduled out plan. Maybe I'm wrong on this though.
    I wouldn't include that one personally because he's made similar comments over the years. Not the exact same timeframe, mind. But, still.

    I always treat those "end date" comments as something of a moving target. Especially as he himself notes that "the tale expands in the telling" often times.

    I think simply noting that the comic has an end date and won't continue forever is sufficent.

    ETA: Although also noting that he might revist the World of OotS after the main comic is over might be of interest (that was in the podcast, but I don't know if it's been transcribed or not yet). But, then again, "might" really doesn't say all that much, I suppose.
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