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    On the double poster:

    J - You can't see this, but behind us in the studio is the big double poster of all the characters.
    R - Hah! That took forever.
    J - I can tell.
    R - What's funny is I had worked on it, and then had to put it aside, and when I got back to it I had introduced like 4 new characters that had to go on, I had to find room for Tarquin and Malack and Kil-Kil over in the corner of the villains poster, and I put Captain Malack's helmet on... Not Malack, Tarquin's helmet on. He was still new enough that I thought people who weren't caught up to the story, so I didn't want them to see who he was before... you know some people only read the books... yeah, so, did that at the last minute.

    On fanart and fanfiction (yes, THAT sort of fanfiction).


    D - It's funny, I just saw some fanart for Order of the Stick, but it was drawn like Frank Frazetta.
    R - (Laughs) Yes.
    D - Super detailed, very...
    R - Yeah, what I always find interesting is the choices they make for the parts of the characters that are really not be able to tell what's going on because they're sticks. I've seen fanart that was really realistic of Roy fighting except for some reason he had no pants, like he had one armor piece over his torso but his legs were bare. That's why I think at one point I had Haley make a crack about how she's wearing long pants but you can't tell because she's a stick figure. Because I wanted to put a stop of that, I wanted no more pantless Roy. That's a whole other direction that I'm sure is out there on the Internet, but I don't need to see it.
    D - Well, that kills my next question...
    R - (Laughs)
    D - Once again, on the forum for a while, there was a whole section of people...
    R - Oh, yeah. We had to slay that once people started crossing some lines. Once they crossed the Elan - Nale incest line, we had to put a stop to that
    D - As well you should.
    R - Yeah exactly
    D - There are some weird people there.
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