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Also, does anyone have updated knowledge about how long Rich thinks it might take to write up the various PDF stories, and whether they'll be released as one long package or individually?

I have a few vague memories of hearing this or that, but that was at the start of the drive, long before Rich had so much hard work to do!
I don't know at this point. All I know is that I'm not necessarily going to go in the order they were announced, I'm going to go in order of whatever I think I can get done most easily. I would rather get 3-4 of them done right away than wait until I necessarily finish the O-Chul story, which will be the longest one. I will also be releasing them as I finish them.

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Anyone know when the one or two OOTS characters must be selected for the early (May 2012) Crayon drawings?

No rush but I have a slight fear that I will not be able to decide that quickly so would love some guess as to a rough time frame.
Trust me, you're not going to bother me if you take your time! I may ask as early as next week, but if you don't answer right away, I'll just work on other people's drawings until you do.