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Also, I know I asked this before, but I just want to make super-sure: Other than the "Patience packages" all the other rewards will go out on the date they're told to go out? Because some said they'd arrive in April, others in May or June and I just want to make sure they won't go out on some mean date. (I just want to make sure that my "Print Only Special" reward will get to my college address by April.) I'm sorry to bug you like this again.
If you ordered a package without any signatures, crayon drawings, or similar personal work by me, and you didn't add the Sticky Shticks (which will take longer), then I know of no reason that it wouldn't go out by the end of April. The book printing will be a fairly easy process, since they are all reprints. The printer is already standing by, I just need to mail them the first check for them to pull the switch. I do need to get proofs done for the coloring book, but that's going to the top of my list of work as a result.

If there's any change in that expectation, I'll announce it via the Updates.