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    A pair of stories from Digital Spy, one as the drive was approaching $1M and one after it shattered it. Content is on the light side, but as DS is one of the larger websites in the UK, it probably deserves a mention:

    'The Order of the Stick' Kickstarter nears $1m
    'Order of the Stick' Kickstarter tops $1 million

    I don't know how much of a "Big Deal" VentureBeat is, but it was Big Enough to be captured by Google News for the news article aggragator:

    Kickstarter gets its third $1M project in the span of two weeks with Order of the Stick


    Checking some more, I see The Guardian (!), one of the major newspapers in the UK has weighed in (it'll probably be an onlne only mention, but still a hige deal):

    Author raises $1m to self-publish Order of the Stick webcomic book

    That's all I gots at the moment. Now I'm actually going to go over and see just what the Grauniad has to say about this little drive.
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