sadly there are a multitude of ravens about, and your spot isn't enough to pick out the one from before

At Mirielle's words Vandroy pauses, perplexed. "Those guys work for a noble? Well, I certainly didn't expect that." His surprise, and maybe disappointment, seem quite genuine. It takes a moment for him to continue. "Well, I know who this Ambrath fellow is, so switching sides is certainly no improvement. I'm not in this because I want to and if I could still quietly slip away I would. But those greycloaks know who I am, and who you are incidentally, so I do this one job for them.

About a minute later, a scarred black-bearded man steps into view from behind a horsecart, greycloaked and clad in black armor. He musters you all for a moment, then nods. "Well done Vandroy. Jorran, please follow me, that building over there", he motions to the other end of the street "has been cleared out for a private meeting. As for the rest of you, if you want a little payback against Ambrath you may come as well." Though as he says this the look he is giving you does show a certain waryness.