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    Xapi, I think your transcription is awesome. Having listened to the interview myself, I think the missing word in the section on "what the comic is about" is "quest". And yay for transcription of a non-native language!

    Having said that, is there any way I could edit your transcript before Phantasm puts it up on the front page of the thread? I know it's only 0.5% (I think your estimate is fairly accurate!) but the occasional misspellings do trip people up sometimes. Maybe if I just copy your text, fix it up a tiny bit and PM it to Phantasm to put in? I'm not suggesting you send it all to me before you post it here, it would just slow down your good work, but I'd like a chance to polish it a bit :)

    Sorry, I'm such a stickler for accuracy, I get itchy editing fingers...

    Edit: Flame of Anor, there used to be a section of the website for fanart. Now it's been incorporated into the forums, in the Arts and Crafts section. You may want to start here
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