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The Giant already answered that he can't do this, but on the KS chatroom (excuse me, in the KS comment-section ) we have come up with the plan of an "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" thread. Wich is to say, a thread for anyone who so chooses, to post their artwork in. Will be awesome! I know I'll be posting mine (even tho they're not OotS, but family/party drawings).

The thread isn't there now, but that is just because, ofcourse, neither are our works of art Just keep an eye out for it!

EDIT Wauw, super ninja-ed! No worries and I second @Euo (sorry, short name stuck with me): I'll only post here if the Giant approves ofcourse. But I would definitly also appreciate some help with the choosing
Oops, my bad then. I floated the idea on the KS comments, I only saw a few replies by Porthos, but I guess I didn't see all the replies there (comments were coming in pretty fast!).

The comments I saw at KS suggested that exclusivity was a major reason for Rich not to post copies himself, but I think the privacy issue is a bigger concern, and am glad it was mentioned here again. I'm also glad that Happy Me posted - I would really hate to think that someone didn't ask for what they wanted due to any (perceived or real) pressure to make their choice public. That would really be unfair. So I think it's a can of worms best left unopened and forgotten.

I think the thread is a great idea, and really the best. I'll contribute once the thread exists and my drawing arrives. It's a patience so it will be awhile, but that also gives me plenty of time to make a decision :)