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Random question for the Giant if he's still reading the thread: After all is said and done and this gets all wrapped up, is there any chance of the bonus PDFs being given to backers to either be bundled into a book and released as a Stick Tales 2, or sold in PDF format through the store? I've been pretty broke lately and wasn't able to donate anything, but I would be very interested in legally obtaining the bonus strips made at a later date, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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Q: Can I get a print copy of "How The Paladin Got His Scar"?

A: At this time, we have no definite plans to offer this story (or any "bonus" stories earned by backers pledging at the $1250 level) in print. We may, at some future point, collect them into an anthology book alongside other material, but such a book would not see print until at least 2013.
So, not for quite a while. At least not in print. Maybe a .pdf at some other time, but I think Rich's discussed how he doesn't plan on digital distributions... then again, this kinda is one, so...