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Now I am twice as glad that WampaX grabbed that prize before I could change my mind back on day 2. Since my first choice would probably have been rejected by Rich anyway and Therkla would have been my second. But now SweetBB has me wondering if an origin or afterlife story is better?

Oh well, I'll just have to find out with everyone else. I am one of the ones who does plan to post thier drawing when I get it but I also plan to let Rich know that there is no rush on mine. I won't see in person for months so my sister will need to scan it and email it to me.
I would go with afterlife because:
it could be reworked oots pages with her along for the ride. In fact I like that idea. All in favor of Therkla's afterlife consisting primarily of her following/stalking Elan on the prime, unable to interact in any way? Her reactions to Elan and Haley would be interesting to see.