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    Default Re: A complete N00bz first try at world-building...

    I feel bad about giving you guys a wall of text in recent days, so here's some tasty pictures, vaguely sorted by region.


    Let's start off with a Wolf Clan woman with realistic armor. Because I like it like that.

    Slightly less realistic armor...

    Some badasses training to take their second levels of badass...

    The guys wearing the white horse on green are Piloti. Those with sun motifs are Tuhani priests, soldiers or priest-soldiers

    Here's why I wish we had clerics... He's probably a remixed fighter of some sort.

    Beautiful Church-Thing

    Here's our first Piloti rider...

    Our second...

    A mix of Piloti and Solerian Knights. I love this picture.

    These statues line the rocky coast from the middle of Soleh up to the edge of the coast in norther Vallheim. They were carved shortly after the first empire arrived, and before the time of clouds, about 1900-1850 years ago. Did they protect the new land from something?


    Here's Yamanoda, a secret Grey Palm monastery and their headquarters, up high in the mountains that separate Sunshan from the Dotze Affariata.

    Remember that island chain off the coast of Sunshan, where the mountains sink into the sea? This is what they look like.


    I see a Grey Palm Assassin...

    Here's a Phoenix Temple in the middle of a rite.

    Possibly a Phoenix Monk, possibly a noble warrior. Maybe just a wandering swordsman.

    Dotze Affariata:

    Long, slender sword, corset-type thing, both say Dotze Affariata.

    The ears? Feytouched.

    Another good picture.


    Let's look at mages. Note that this is a particlarly blatant use of magic on all their counts.

    First we have a Red Mage.

    I have no idea what that little snow-guy is doing in the background. Either way, we're going blue.

    And a Green Mage lady saying "Hell no" to mundane ranged.

    Sadly I don't have a Black one. If you see a good earth-magic using gish, lemme know.

    Lightwood Rangers

    Wild hunter dude. Wolf Clan? Lightwood Ranger? Escaped Torei?

    Other Races:

    A fey girl. What's through the arch? Care to find out?

    A gnome village. There's not many of these, and they stand deserted for months out of a year, until the little caravans reunite to intermarry, trade and swap stories.

    Here's an arch made by our northern friends, the giants! Honestly, who doesn't want to go here? Perfect adventurin' place. Look at that hero with the red cloak. He doesn't need a party. Rockin it solo like a BAWS

    That's all I have for now. Thanks for looking it over!
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