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    Default Re: The Post-Kickstarter Discussion Thread: Bask in the Afterglow

    Rich seems locked on the idea that if Belkar is used, it has to focus on a period that is before the OOTS books.

    While Belkar isn't someone I would chose to have story written about, I think there are more options then that. Instead, it might be an interesting creative exercise if Rich, instead, created a story that fits in with the already existing timeline and was able to put a different spin on events that have happened. It would be very interesting to weave a new story that causes readers to rethink what they thought they knew, show a Belkar sidestory of a situation that that didn't feature him much (like when we focused on the Order talking about Miko during the coronation of Shjon(?) ) or something like that.

    For example, we already know that he bullied the prisoners in the desert city but Rich could delve into that even more. Could Belkar be the reason why the prisoners Haley freed were caught so easily later on? What if prisoners were used to hunt the escaped ones and Belkar vounteered to do that? Just a thought.

    Edit: Meh, I say the vewer picks the character, Rich picks the story. If it was that easy to pick the timeline then you could just ask for the origin of the Darkness monster.
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