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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Bob View Post
    [Karaglen's Room]

    Room exploration would probably take awhile, if Karaglen had much in there to take up time. So instead the time inevitably devolves into a bit of cuddling.
    It's Karaglen and a puppy, cuddling is a thing that cannot be avoided.

    Although, at some point, that strangely mood that had led the girl to this moment returns.
    A serious expression appears on her face, leading up to a serious stare at the puppy. Another desperately important decision has been made. At least this time, she doesn't decide to dangle the little wolf in the air in front of her.
    "You need a name, I think. Can't keep calling you Fuzzy, like your mom..."

    She ponders for a moment, a short one.
    "I think you'll be my Morry."
    My Morsecuri.
    The newly dubbed Morry celebrates this decision by trying to lick Karalgen's face.
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