You are led to a rather ramshackle tavern identified by its sign as the 'Sleepy Dwarf', and you now know you're in the Swordspoint disctrict from remembering the sailor's tales of which inns and taverns are worth a visit and which aren't. Incidentally, this one isn't, horrible drinks and worse clientele.
A paper on the door says 'closed for private event' and once you enter it indeed proves cleared out and the only people inside are half a dozen greycloaks plus what must be Lord Blacktree judging from his military uniform.

The door quickly closes behind you, and you can't fail to notice the rather hostile looks directed at Jorran. "So we meet at last", Blacktree says, rising from the simple wooden chair he was sitting on. "I don't know what happened between you and Talisa, but for some reason she made me promise not to hurt you. Help your on your path even if I can, whatever that means. I assure you seeing your face does not enticit any friendly emotion in me, but I won't break an oath I made, least of all to her.
So now tell me",
he finished, stepping closer. "Who made you kidnap my godson?"

"As for the rest of you, I heard you had some inconveniences because Embro's spies were efficient, but not quite efficient enough. I apologize for that. If you're looking for employment, we can always use upstanding and competent allies. I won't make you choose between me and Ambrath; if you don't want to get into the middle of this - and that might be the wise choice - walk away, no one will stop you. I'll even let Ambrath know I got what I wanted and you are of no further use to me so you become a low priority for him.
But if you choose to side with Ambrath, we will be enemies. As with any other corrupt, scheming bastard, be they noble, merchant or just a common criminal. This city is on the edge, and too many are pushing it to chaos and disaster for selfish gains."