So that's what Blacktree wanted him for. In hindsight, maybe he should've just helped set up the ambush like Ambrath had ordered. But it was too late for that now, and he knew that he had to play his cards right. Blacktree seemingly didn't intend to hurt him, but he probably would have if not for this oath.

"Luskanite pirates." Jorran starts. His tone was grim, but he didn't try to force any remorse into his tone. Such might only insult the lord further. "I do not remember their names, only that they plotted to kill her. His kidnapping was a means to that end. I doubt their petty crew is even alive at this point. She would never have survived to face me had they not been taken out of the way somehow. For a year I thought I was the only one who survived that incident." He finishes. His recollection was spotty at best, and he could scarcely remember anything about his encounter with her. Neither could he well remember those who had hired him. Hopefully Blacktree would not question him much further.