"Bouncers an innuendo for the cow over there?" Amber ask crossing her arms. She gets Grim's message and nods, but just pulls away. "They aren't with me. There." She says with a shrug.

She wanted to argue with the bartender more. But he made a good point, if she wasn't going to get a drink then she had little reason to be here. However, if she wanted a drink she'd have to take her top off.

Finally she gets up, "Whatever, this place is a dump anyways. I'm going to wait outside so that your bouncers don't get hurt." She says before turning and walking out without looking or saying anything to anyone.

However, on the way out she looked over at the lights, the cash register, and pretty much anything electronic she could find and attempted to hex as much as possible on the way out.

Looking over the hexing ability I can hit pretty much anything that's not super old. Hell I could hex some guns if I saw any. Do note she's walking out slowly giving plenty of time to hex as much as possible...