Dipsnig's office

"Thank you, Sir." Lady Raennall finishes the conversation with these words and a crisp, business-like nod. Something about the gesture implies that it serves as a salute where she is from. Then she heads out.

Main room and other random locations.

Lady Raennall, the newest probationary member of N.O. heads out into the base looking for someone who would be skilled with ranged weapons and eager for a little adventure.


The boy and the pony both look at the dinosaur with surprise. The war-horse takes a step forward, trying to put itself between the feathered, clawed reptile and the other two.

"She says it is alright, Bheerente." Thein says softly to the big horse. 'She' clearly means Roxie. The animal still does not move though.

Should Thein get the chance he will thank Roxie for her work.

The wolf's sniffing is tolerated well by Thein, who sees it as dog-like behavior. The horses shift their feet nervously, following the instincts of prey animals.