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    Magnus stops to take in the accusation, and then Jorran not denying it. Ain't touching this one until he's well and truly done with this. He promised to spare Jorran; didn't say jack about me, and frankly, I've seen men do unpleasant things to bystanders who open their mouth at bad times with inopportune words.

    Still, is EVERYONE here but me fond of kidnapping? Well, Blacktree seems of a decent enough sort, at least. The issue he wants Jorran for seems to be of little import to others, mostly family related, and not even blood at that. Also seems fairly old. The godson's probably alive, else Blacktree would have likely implicated Jorran in his death, so I suppose that could be a string to pull him by... Still, Embro is, at best, a rich thug. Not even subtle. This guy may not be subtle, or effective, but he seems honest, and at least he's talking the talk. I've only really got a couple questions, but I think I could work with this guy.

    Magnus stands where he is, motionless, but clearly uncomfortable (by the expression on his face), and observes the discussion.
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