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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonCat View Post
    I haven't connected with much of Gaiman's work, but I still think it's pretty cool when a recognized geek icon mentions OoTS.

    Now, if Terry Pratchett commented on OoTS, that is when my brain would explode.

    No Good Omens? Well, that means you've read everything...

    Only kidding, MoonCat. I'd actually put money on that being one you have read. It was just a roach-like response that had to be given!

    And, for the record: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are my two favourite authors of all time. Well, writers. Well, storytellers. (Neil, you're a multi-media pain to the cataloguing system.)

    Rich is just below them, would you believe, sharing a tied-space with Ursula Le Guin and Daniel De Foe? (Yes, I'm weird.)

    If we're talking crossovers: I've die a nerdy death of happiness if Terry Pratchett would allow Sam Vimes to join CPPD for a day in the PDF limelight... Or, I'd settle for Nobby. And, Colon, natch.

    EDIT: Actually... Nobby might work as an incredibly improbable half Orc-Halfling combo. Particularly when you bear in mind what his father was like.
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