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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
    Hexing as a deliberate action counts as a spell, which does at least one Mental stress. Stress track clears out at end of scene, so your mental track is basically a spell slot counter.

    I am AFB right now, but trust me it's in the book.
    I checked the book before I did it...let my copy paste.

    Page 258:
    While a spellcaster normally hexes technology
    as an accident of being a wizard (page 228), he
    can also do it on purpose, focusing his energies
    to disrupt electronics and other devices. This
    is significantly less taxing than performing
    other forms of evocation—you don’t even need
    access to the Evocation power (page 180) to do
    it, so long as you are some sort of practitioner,
    because it doesn’t require command of any
    particular element or force. In addition, the
    normal 1-stress cost for summoning power up
    to your Conviction is waived, giving you a “free
    shot” at most forms of technology.
    As such anything up to 5 shifts of power I get a free shot on. Five shifts is quite a bit which would include lights, cameras, TVs, etc. Pretty much anything electronic in this bar. Only thing requiring more is SUPER old technology. Hell, fancy cameras would allow me to probably take out 5 at once using the 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 division...
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